“Safety is not an intellectual exercise. Safety is truly a matter of life and death, and it is the sum and quality of all our individual contributions to the management of safety that determines whether the colleagues we work with live or die”.
Lord Cullen. Piper Alpha Inquiry, 1990

That is our mission – supporting the people who work in our client organisations to understand and commit to their contribution in their journey towards zero harm to their people.

Prosmiden Associates is a member of EDF International, a network of former partners and directors of EDN. Since coming together in 1996, these partners of EDN have developed, and continue to deliver a strong track record in helping organisations improve safety performance. From beginnings in Australia, we developed an international presence where worked with over 250,000 people, from CEO’s to operators, in major organisations to help them achieve improved safe work outcomes along with broader productivity improvements. In 2009, EDN was acquired by a major UK based multinational, and in 2012 these former partners of EDN have reformed.

Prosmiden Associates and our network now continues with the capability of its people to provide specialist consulting services in cultural and leadership change management processes to improve Health Safety & Environmental (HSE) outcomes for organisations operating in high-risk environments. Our services encompass client project lifecycles and support day-to-day activities. We commonly engage all levels of an organisation; assisting senior management teams with strategic development through to day-to-day coaching and support at the worksite. Coupled with this is our ability to provide powerful baseline data on performance and change.

We believe that what sets us apart is:

  • We take a broad organisation development approach which integrates safety systems with all other business systems to achieve safe and productive workplaces;
  • This approach produces real workplace change by integrating training with structured workplace activities to assure that learning is applied to deal with real work issues;
  • The majority of our consultants have come from an industrial background and have worked successfully in industrial settings which are often harsh, hazardous and culturally diverse;
  • We are able to successfully engage with people ranging from CEOs to operators;
  • Through our extensive work with the resources industry we have a sound knowledge and awareness of the safety issues industry is facing.